The congress comprises the following topics:

  • Theoretical Aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • Theoretical Aspects of Emotional Competence
  • Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Emotional Education
  • Emotional Education and Human Development
  • Social Inclusion and Emotional Competence
  • Emotion, Social and Cultural Inclusion
  • Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation of Emotional Competence
  • Emotional Competence in Business, Work Place & Organizational Settings
  • Education & Social-Emotional Learning
  • Emotion, Neuroscience & Cognition
  • Emotion and Medical Applications
  • Health, Well-being, and Optimal Development
  • Therapeutic Application and Emotional Education
  • Positive Psychology & Emotional Competence
  • Social and Cultural Issues
  • Consultation and Coaching Process
  • Applications to Creative Arts & Emotional Competence

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