Scientific Program

21st February – Thursday

12h00 – Registration
Documentation delivery

13h00 – Workshop (in Spanish) (Room 114)
Chair: Augusta Mata, Teresa Correia
Emotions Management – Controlled Virtual Experience
(Laptop needed)

Gemma Filella Guiu –  Lleida University, Spain

14h30 – Solemn Session – Opening Event (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Musical Moment – Isabel Castro

15h30 –  Keynote (in English) (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Augusta Veiga Branco
Building bridges – promoting social inclusion and wellbeing for families of children with special needs (SN)
Aurora Adina Colomeischi, Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, Romania

16h00 – Coffee break

16h30 – Expert Panel Conference I – Emotion, Spirituality and Inclusion (in English) (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Alcina Nunes
– The effect of spirituality on relationship quality and satisfaction among parents of children with disabilities
Ana Wagner-Jakab, Zagreb University (UZb), Croatia
– Emotional and behavioural problems of children with visual impairment and intellectual disability
Sonja Alimovic, Zagreb University (UZb), Croatia
– Support for inclusion of families with children with disabilities: predictors for satisfaction within partner’s relationship
Natalija Lisak, Zagreb University (UZb), Croatia

Musical Moment – Isabel Castro

17h30 – Coffee break

17h50 – 18h50 – Communications Session I – Educere (in Portuguese) (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Sofia Bergano


22nd February – Friday

8h30 – Registration
Documentation delivery

9h00 –  Parallel sessions

Communications Session II – Intervention to development (Paideia room)
Chair: Isabel Chumbo, Teresa Correia

Communications Session III – Emotion in clinical context (Farmácia Atlântico room)
Chair: Manuel Brás, Filomena Sousa

10h30 – Coffee break
Dance Moment – Let´s Dance! Free Participation

11h00 – Expert Panel Conference II – Windows of a body – Resources and Resilience (in Portuguese and English) (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Cristina Mesquita
Promoção da Resiliência em Portugal
Celeste Simões, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – Universidade de Lisboa
A Economia da Felicidade
Alcina Nunes, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
O Corpo e a Inteligência emocional
Paula Lebre, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana/Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Life satisfaction and  general self-efficacy  in assessment situation
Otilia Clipa & Diana-Sinziana Duca, University Stephan cel Mare, Suceava, Roménia

12h00 – Lunch

13h45 – Parallel sessions

Communications Session IV – Emotional education (Paideia room)
Chair: Isabel Lopes, Filomena Pereira

Communications Session V – Emotions, conflicts and contexts (Farmácia Confiança)
Chair: Teresa Raquel Pinho, António Nogueira

15h30 – Expert Panel Conference III – There are no perfect worlds, only relevant interventions (in English) (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Elsa Ramalhosa
– Children with disabilities and emotional difficulties in the medical care system
Ingrida Baranauskiene, Klaipeda University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Lithuania
-Setting up a positive emotional climate in a school: why is it important and how can it be done?
Mine Gol-Guven, Bogazici University (UB), Istambul, Turkey

16h15 – 17h00 – Coffee break

Dance Moment – Let´s Dance! Free Participation


Workshop 1 (in Portuguese, limited registration ) (room 117)
Chair: Maria José Gomes, Leonel Deusdado
Managing Emotions in Work Teams
Ana Isabel Correia, ISPA, Mind Balance Leader Coach, Lisboa, Portugal

Workshop 2 (in Portuguese, limited registration) (room 120)
Chair: Eugénia Anes and Paulo Alves
Positive Discipline for Parents
Danielle Capella

18h00 – Musical moment – Isabel Castro

23rd February – Saturday

8h30 – Registration
Documentation delivery


Workshop 1 (in Portuguese, limited registration ) (room 117)
Chair: Carina Rodrigues, Matilde Martins
Positive Discipline in Classroom
Danielle Capella

Workshop 2 (in Portuguese, limited registration ) (room 120)
Chair: Ana Maria Pereira, Miguel Monteiro
Managing Emotions in Educational Context
Ana Isabel Correia, ISPA, Mind Balance Leader Coach, Lisboa, Portugal

10h30 – Coffee break

11h00 – Communications Session VI –  Looking, Seeing and Intervening (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)
Chair: Ana Galvão, Luísa Jorge

12h00 – Keynote (in Spanish and Portuguese)
Chair: Celeste Antão
The Power of Positive Emotions
Florêncio Vicente, University of Extremadura, Spain

12h20 – Keynote (in Spanish and Portuguese)
Chair: Ana Paula Monte
Emotional Competence in parents of Children with Special Needs – a portuguese reality
Maria Augusta Romão da Veiga Branco, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal

Musical moment

12h40 – Solemn Session – Closing session (Alcínio Miguel Auditorium)

Musical Moment – Isabel Castro and Academic Tune

2019 Emotional Intelligence Programmes v2
(PDF format, last updated 19th February 2019)